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What's hello mello®:

DM Merchandising is proud to announce the debut of hello mello® lounge wear.

Unwind in style in the perfect lounge pants! Enjoy year-round sales with signature soft stretchy fabric. Cozy up in the comfort elastic waistband with drawstring. The relaxed fit is perfect for sleeping, shopping or just lounging. Comes in three comfortable sizes (S/M, M/L, L/XL) and six colorful custom designs. Free counter display and six hangers with any 72-pc opening order (pants and/or shorts). Recline in the sublime!

Where To Buy?

Retailers: DM Merchandising is the sole manufacturer & distributor of hello mello® lounge wear. If you are interested in retailing hello mello® lounge pants, please call 800-548-6784

Consumers: We're sorry, but DM Merchandising does not sell directly to consumers. But you can still call us at 800-548-6784 and we'll help you find a local "authorized retailer!"

Please know that hello mello® lounge pants' warranty applies to the purchase from an authorized retailer. So pleae feel free to call and we will confirm if a retailer is authorized.

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